The battle is not yours, but God’s

In my newly released
book, Turning Point at Gettysburg, based on the true story of my
great-great grandfather who was severely wounded and captured in Pickett’s
Charge, the most highly proclaimed conflict of the American Civil War, the main
character was captivated and influenced by a sermon he heard while AWOL to see
his newly born son who was ill. It was from II Chronicles 20:15 “…for the
battle is not yours, but God’s.”

That verse stuck with
him through all of his suffering and incarceration in a prisoner-of-war camp. It helped him to see the sovereignty of God, and realize that he and our nation
must heal, and that he could be a part of the solution. We are in a similar
position right now in our politically divided nation. Our loyalty must be to
God and our faith must be in Him to bring us through to ultimate victory.