Turning over a new leaf

At the beginning of a
new year there is a lot of talk about making resolutions, and perhaps ‘turning
over a new leaf.” First, let’s look at where that came from. As you know, this
expression has to do with beginning anew, making a fresh start. It comes from
turning over a new page, formerly known as leaves, in ‘the book of life.’  Though it was obviously in use before this,
the earliest known citation is from Saducismus Triumphatus: Or, Full and Plain Evidence
Concerning Witches and Apparitions by
Joseph Glanvil, 1581, page 223:

“…l am now come to tell you, That there is a God and a very just and terrible one, and if you do not
turn over a new leaf
(the very expression as is by the Doctor punctually remembered) you will find it so (the Captain

Christians we know that new starts have to begin with a true desire to do
something differently. Even then, it is almost impossible to do it without help
and inspiration. Our greatest source for help in is God.