The Christmas Star

Tonight Jupiter and
Saturn will align in a way they have not done for 800 years, causing the
formation of what will appear in the heavens much like we imagine the star
looked like that was followed by the Magi to find the Christ Child over 2,000
years ago. We know now that Jesus was
not born at the exact time that the Gregorian calendar starts over measuring
our years, months and days. We also know that it is highly unlikely that His birth
was in December. But the star was real. Around the time of His birth there were
some alignments in the heavens which could have been used by God to announce
the birth of our Savior.

Are we up to the challenge?

In December our thoughts turn to the birth of our dear Savior and bringing light and peace into our hurting world. Several of the sayings that we have come to know were made popular in Christmas stories. One of these was having one’s work cut out for them. We are living in a day of dread, division, disaster and disease. This common
saying has been linked to the tailoring business as far back as the early 17th