Going the extra mile

This idea of this
saying came from the words of Jesus in his famed ‘Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5:41. Jesus is quoted as saying:

      “Whoever forces
you to go one mile, go with him two.”

Here he was
referring to the Roman practice of ‘impressment,’ which allowed a Roman soldier
to require a Jewish citizen to carry his backpack, weighing upwards of 100
pounds, for one Roman mile, consisting of 1,000 paces. The expression has been used
as the title for everything from books to films, songs and music albums.

Today when so
many people think only of themselves, as Christian knights it is important for
us to be aware of the needs of others and be willing to go the extra mile for
others, even if they do not share our convictions. By showing the love of Christ,
especially in this time of division and pandemic, we will become instruments of
God’s peace. nnDnn,

Sir Stan St.